Paradigm and Partners Support LA Flood Victims

When the partners of Paradigm Investment Group and friends heard about the catastrophic flooding in Louisiana, their first thoughts were geared towards getting involved.

“It started with Rick explaining to the three of us just how devastated some of our people were from the flooding,” said Paradigm’s COO Greg Hazard.

In August, Louisiana experienced its most traumatic flooding since Superstorm Sandy. About 6.9 trillion gallons of rain pummeled the state between August 8 and 14. That’s about triple the amount of rain Louisiana experienced for Hurricane Katrina in 2005. It was reported that Livingston Parish was hardest hit with more than 20 inches of rain fall over a 72 hour period.

Besides Paradigm’s Hardee’s Red Burrito® restaurant flooding in Livingston Parish, there were about 30 employees impacted by the flood waters as well with 21 completely losing everything. “The first angels that called out of the blue were our friends from HED, Phil Parks and Steve Dickens, who asked, Can we bring clothes and supplies to your people?,” said Hazard.

The good people of HED brought down 8 boxes of requested items along with Wal-Mart gift cards to distribute amongst the employees in need and as you can imagine emotions ran high. Paradigm’s District Manager Shan Sims got to experience firsthand just how touched his employees truly were.

“Joel Short said it was like Christmas in August. Derenisha Coleman was blown away that someone would help in this way and was able to get clothing for her children. GM Dawn Saulny was moved to tears by their generosity,” he said. “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and that we will absolutely pay it forward.”

The gift of giving didn’t stop there. Rick Jones, Paradigm’s Louisiana and Mississippi Director of Operations, reported the Paradigm partners and CKE also came together to purchase gift cards totaling $20K.
“Our COO Greg Hazard and his wife Mary Lee were so moved by the hardships of our employees they got in their vehicle and drove from their home in Pensacola, FL to Baton Rouge to personally deliver the gift cards to the impacted employees and listened to their stories of hardship and loss,” Jones said.

The Baton Rouge market wants to thank all that were involved in giving them a sense of comfort in this time of chaos. A simple gesture such as collecting clothing or giving someone the means to rebuy items that were lost or destroyed will always go a long way.

“I would say that a tragedy like this helps identifies the angels in our midst,” said Hazard. “Our very own Rick Jones and Shan Sims, Steve Evans, Brad Haley, Andy Puzder and others from CKE, Phil Parks and Steve Dickens from HED and then of course our Paradigm Partners, Don Wollan, Dan Shea, Brian Kelley, Michael Carro and Jeff Pratt are all Angels in our midst that rushed in when others had been harmed without asking any questions.”

Paradigm owns and operates four Hardee’s Red Burrito® restaurants in the Baton Rouge area, two centrally located in the city and two located in outlying cities.