Careers With Hardee’s®

Would you like to work in a company that offers a competitive salary, bonus potential, excellent benefits, comprehensive training and is committed to your individual success?

The Hardee’s Thickburger® products are taking over! Growth at Paradigm Investment Group means unlimited career possibilities for determined and dedicated managers and crew. We are looking for General Managers, Assistant Managers, Shift Leaders and Crew Members who are interested in new opportunities with a fast growing company!

Our company offers competitive benefits as well as excellent opportunities for continued advancement in the Hospitality Industry. We are looking for individuals that embody integrity and a commitment to excellence with or without restaurant experience. Are you ready for the challenge that will start you down a new and exciting career path with endless possibilities? If the answer is yes, then Paradigm is the place for you! As is the case in anything worthwhile, the work is challenging but the rewards are endless, including but not limited to competitive compensation, with access to training and professional development second to none.

Our Excellent Salaried General Manager Compenstation Package Includes:

A salary for General Managers ranges from $35,000 – 55,000 per year based on experience and performance

United Health Care is our major medical provider for Medical, Dental, prescriptions and Life Insurance. Vision Insurance is also available. Depending on the insurance, we contribute towards your monthly premium while the portion you pay is taken out on a pretax basis minimizing the effect on your net pay.

For our salaried management positions, we also offer:

  • Paid vacations (2 weeks after year 1, 3 weeks after year 5 and 4 weeks after year 10 of service with the company);
  • Bereavement time off;
  • After 1 year of service, access to our 401k Plan where we match a percentage of your contribution. The 401k plan is actually available to all full-time employees over 21 years of age after the first full year of service;
  • Access to a highly competitive bonus program for all levels of management (one of the richest in the industry!). Each restaurant’s annual bonus pool can reach as high as $19,000. The bonus payouts are often divided amongst the General Manager, Assistant Manager and even the Shift Leaders on a pro-rated basis with the GM portion estimated at $11,000 annually. Bonuses are based on both financial and operational performance paid monthly and quarterly with no hold back. The company has paid out approximately $500k/year in total bonuses over the last few years.
  • Management teams who open our new restaurants are given an extra incentive for the first two years of operation.  We double the above bonus for the restaurant management team, that is for the GM, RM and SL’s. When a restaurant is converted to a Hardee’s/Red Burrito we increase the $19000 bonus potential by 15%($2850) which takes this to $21,850!
  • We also have a bonus system in place for any GM who internally develops a new GM, we pay matching bonus from that new GM’s earned bonus from the restaurant the new GM takes over for the first year.  That means  a GM can bonus off of their own restaurant and receive the same $$ that their GM they mentored earns at their own restaurant.  If you are a great developer of people this bonus is for you.  There is no limit on the number of GM’s you can develop except for the number of restaurants we have.  We believe in internal development and have put this bonus incentive together to reward those that know how to attract, train, retain and develop our leaders of tomorrow.
  • Our Multi Unit Managers oversee on average 6 restaurants.  The District Managers(MUM) receive 30% of whatever their standard restaurants earn in bonus.  6 Standard Restaurants X $19000 = $114,000 X 30% = $34,200 bonus potential.  On top of this we have a quarterly top DM bonus of $2500.  Add to this any new restaurant, or Red Burrito conversion increase in their teams potential bonus and the DM receives 30% of these increased bonus dollars as well.  The DM would receive 30% also of the mentoring program described above.
  • We believe it takes extra work to develop people, open new restaurants and or convert a standard Hardee’s restaurant to a Hardee’s/Red Burrito operation and we have put the incentives together to reward a job well done.  We have other incentives that are too many to list but we know you will be more than satisfied with our reward system.  If you are a manager focused on success and have been looking for a company that will reward your excellence, Paradigm Investment Group, LLC is right for you.
  • Salaried managers also receive a free meal every shift.
  • ANNUAL 5 STAR CONFERENCE: We also host a 3 day/2 night annual “5 Star Conference” at varying locations throughout our territory. Attendance serves as a reward for our top performing restaurant operators each year. The conference is an all-expense paid time away from the day-to-day business, includes shopping credits, spa, meals and a formal awards banquet attended by our vendors, senior management and franchisor representatives located throughout the country. We keep the meetings to a minimum. We have a scramble golf tournament for all of our golfers, where we match up General Managers and DM’s with Vendors for some great one-on-one time and a chance to share feedback and have some fun in the process. See This year’s photos

We are Focused on Your Success!

We recognize the critical importance of the General Manager position by offering competitive compensation packages, excellent benefits, never-ending training programs, and a platform to grow. We know who drives the success of any restaurant. It takes the focus and commitment of a well-trained General Manager to exceed guest expectations day-in and day-out. At Paradigm, we are committed to provide you with the tools and resources to be the very best that you can be.

Our Hourly Shift Leader Program Includes the Following:

Beginning wage rates at Paradigm for Shift Leaders range between $8-10 per hour.

Shift Leaders receive extensive training to manage a shift successfully. Paradigm shift leaders are trained to lead a team of employees in the execution of Hardee’s standards of operation which includes all Food Safety practices and enforcement of company policies and procedures. We look to the Shift Leader position as our best opportunity for future salaried management when we have a position available. Paradigm places an emphasis on promoting from within the organization.

Shift leaders have an opportunity to sign up for our discounted AFLAC Coverage after just 90 days of employment with premiums paid on a pretax basis. We have mini-med health insurance plan available through Aetna (premiums also deducted pretax). Our bonus program described above extends to the Shift Leader position. Shift leaders have the opportunity to earn:

  • Up to $75 monthly bonus potential
  • Up to $200 quarterly bonus potential
  • When serving as “manager in charge”, a Shift Leader can earn an additional $500 for every random Food Safety Inspection (3 per year) that exceeds standard
  • When serving as “manager in charge”, a Shift Leader can earn an additional $1,000 for every random operational assessment (3 per year) that exceeds standard
  • Participate in additional bonus pool funds when on duty, but not the person in charge if your restaurant exceeds standards during a Food Safety/Operational Assessments
  • Shift Leaders receive a discounted meal, 100% for every shift they are in charge.
  • Shift Leaders, if you are full time, like all of our hourly employees receive paid vacations the same as our Salaried Employees.