Fundraising Event

The Hardee’s Fundraising event came to an end on July 31 and it was a big success. We want to thank the Paradigm Investment Group, parent company of the local Hardee’s restaurants, for this wonderful opportunity; with special thanks to Zachary Dotson, manager of Gautier Hardee’s and Denise Meeks of Paradigm Investment Group for their efforts in orchestrating this fundraising event. We also want to thank all of you who helped make it a success with your generous donations.

July 26, The CASA staff and members of our Board of Directors visited each participating restaurant to thank the managers and their staff for their dedication toward the fundraising efforts. They will never know how much they are appreciated.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to the Paradigm Investment Group, the restaurant manager and their staff, and each of you for your generosity and support of our mission.

Pictured above: The CASA group visits the Gautier Hardee’s Restaurant