Volume 4, Issue 1

April, 2017



  • What is the new holding time
    for French Fries?
  • What’s the new holding time for
    Sweet Tea?
  • Who is responsible for ensuring
    a DT guest’s order is correct prior
    to presenting to the guest?

5-Star Conference

Eligibility Criteria For February, 2018 Conference

General Manager Criteria to Attend

  1. GMs in place for a minimum of 6 months
  2. GMs must meet a minimum of 3 of the following qualifying categories:
    • $1.2 Million in sales with positive prior year sales comps positive prior year sales comps
    • Meet 2 of the 3 SWS category standards- breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • 1 or less average YTD Guest Complaints
    • 87% or higher average YTD on Guest Surveys
    • Pass all EcoSure Audits during 2017 with green or better
    • 83% average or higher YTD on External Operational Assessments

*Disqualifiers – a Red EcoSure Audit or a failed External
Operational Assessment below 80% during 2017 year

Foreword from CFO Brian Kelley


Welcome Back to Good Old Fashion Hospitality

In keeping with a very busy travel schedule, I find myself dining out frequently. After a while, the food starts to all taste the same. Some food is a little more memorable than others. Some restaurants have more variety. Some are cleaner. While these things are important in my selection on where to eat, I often find myself choosing the place where I feel most welcomed. The place where people are friendly and, to rip off an old ‘80’s show, a place where everyone knows my name! That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but the fact remains I gravitate towards my comfort zone which, I’m guessing, is not too different from everyone else. I feel more comfortable eating at a place where I’m more welcomed. Where I’m greeted with a smile. Where someone cares to ask me “how’s my day”. A place where I know they will fix any problem I have. If I show loyalty they will return the favor.

When I’m back in San Diego, I visit the same coffee shop every morning. In fact, I wake up looking forward to enjoying the best coffee in town served by the best team in town. Sometimes their speed of service is off, but there’s usually a reason (training a new team member, a big rush, brewing a fresh pot, etc.). Regardless, they apologize and demonstrate how they’re trying to manage through the issue with their version of a “line buster”; always asking me if its ok for the short delay while they brew me a fresh cup of coffee (or train a new team member). While it can sometimes set me back on my schedule, I remain patient. Why? This is “my” coffee shop. I’ve invested time and effort into building a relationship. I love the coffee, but, more importantly, I’ve established a friendship (and trust) with the team. While it can be frustrating, I’m forgiving. Why? I view them as my friends since they treat me with the courtesy and concern about me and my day.

Too often we get caught up in checklists, food orders, food cost variances, and staffing issues that we forget the most important thing…recognizing that we’re in the hospitality business. Yes, we sell biscuits, burgers, and chicken. But, there’s more to it than just selling. We’re in the people business. We’re in the “experience” business. Our guests don’t just come to us to fill their stomach. They come to us to share an experience. They can fill their stomach anywhere (McD’s, Burger King, Wendy’s). They chose us because they want the whole enchilada. They want to see their Hardee’s friends. I must imagine that every one of our restaurants has a group of guests that view us the same way. Most have been guests of ours for a long time. You know them as your “board of directors”. They make us feel good with their loyalty. I suspect we go out of our way to help them. Imagine a world where our entire dining room was filled with these loyal patrons? They tell us when things are going well and, as we all know, when things are bit off kilter. They are often more forgiving so we tend to be more receptive to their criticism. We should be viewing every piece of guest feedback as an opportunity regardless of the tone and texture. It’s our opportunity to get better at our craft. To teach our team about hospitality.

There are great examples of companies that embrace the importance of hospitality. Chick-Fil-A is one. Disneyworld is another. Hardee’s is legendary for hospitality. However, over the years we may have developed a little rust in this area. In the pursuit of building sales and market share, we may have lost a little focus on the key ingredient to success. We need to remember our roots. Remember why folks want us to succeed. If we treat guests with the respect they deserve, they will honor us with their loyalty.

There are examples of this throughout our markets. Selma, AL, Pace, FL, Church Street in Huntsville, AL are just a few. Next time you see a familiar face in the dining room or in drive-thru ask them their name and how’s their day. Our guests want to connect. They want to be loyal, but it’s a two-way street. We need to honor them with good ol’ fashion hospitality. In the end, isn’t that why we’re all in this business in the first place?

– Brian Kelley

Training & Career Advancement

1st Quarter Promotions

Store # Name Market Position To:
5749 Jesus Bacera Huntsville SL
5749 Carey Harding Huntsville SL
1822 Pamela Hargrove Huntsville GM
5787 Erica Oliver Huntsville GM
1461 Lisha Reeves Huntsville SL
728 Vicki Hite Huntsville HRM
1387 McKenzie Congo Huntsville SL
1431 Anastasia Michael Huntsville SL
5548 Leslie Hoose Huntsville SL
564 Shawn Ryan Huntsville SL
1822 Doug Wilrich Huntsville HRM
5787 Sunjay Rogers Huntsville SL
5834 Sharenique David AFP SL
1481 Antonio Gibbs AFP SL
1530 Shauntrice Robinson AFP SL
1525 Sam Barbant AFP SL
1379 Charles Thomas AFP GM
1571 Kayla Allman AFP SL
5864 Brittany Schipman AFP SL
1530 Shan Milledge AFP SL
1474 Tiffany McShan AFP GM
1507 Loretta Mullins AFP GM
1353 Percy Scott Mont GM
1356 Ashley Hancock Mont GM
1470 Jacari King Mont GM
1428 Jameria Ruth Mont GM
1391 Javoris Jones Mont SL
1338 Hanna McDougle Mont SL
5713 Santana Parker Mont SL
1451 Vanerious Ambers Mont SL
1365 Nicholas White Mont SL
1466 Jessica Ricketson Mont SL
1340 Valerie Scott Mont SL
5690 Pinky Jackson Mont SL
5690 Shequia Tillman Mont SL
1388 Jallissa Hildreth Mont SL
1466 Cortorica Brown Mont SL
1428 Shakilay James Mont SL
1391 DeAndre Hines Mont SL

Facilities & Growth

Let’s talk about the CO2 tank that stands in or around your store. What do you know about CARBON DIOXIDE?

I bet your first answer is that it is the “FIZZ” in the Coke. And you are correct. It provides the carbonation needed to provide our Coke products that great taste! But, did you know carbon dioxide is heavier than the air we breathe and settles near the floor and grows upward? Did you know it is odorless, colorless and cannot be detected by human senses? Did you know exposure can lead to dizziness, unconsciousness and even death?

So any signs of a leak should be reported to upper management right away. Any “hissing” sound is a sound of alarm. Any time the monitoring alarm system sounds – take heed! Don’t unplug the alarm because you don’t want to hear it. The alarm is there to alert you to carbon dioxide near the floor level. Take notice immediately, reporting and evacuating.

Barbara Williamson, Director of Facilities
Email: Barbara@paradigminvest.com • Fax: 877-284-7814

Blaze Pizza

New Stores Opening in 2017/2018

We opened our 8th location in Freret, LA on 2/16/17!

Three locations pending:
· Q4 2017 – College Station, TX
· Q3 2018 – Birmingham, AL
· Q4 2018 – San Marcos, TX

5 of the 8 sites hit sales record in March 2017!
7 of the 8 sites hit sales records in Q1 2017!

Human Resources

Employee Referral Program

Paradigm is now offering an Employee Referral Bonus Program to all current employees. This program rewards current employees who recommend an outside individual for a position at a Paradigm restaurant. To qualify for this bonus the recommended individual must pass certain criteria for lenth of employement. For any Individual you refer to us for a Salaried Management position, you will be eligible for a referral bonus of $1,000. If you would like more information on this program or would like to refer an individual please let your supervisor know.


Did you know? You can access your pay stubs, W2, insurance information, etc. at any time. Just go to Infosync.ultipro.com, follow the directions for your user specific credentials and you’re in! If you have any trouble, send an email to HR@Paradigminvest.com, with your store, full name and issue.

The Director’s Corner

AFP Market
When we operate from integrity, we gain the trust of other people, especially those we work with closely. This is crucial especially for those in positions of leadership.

Huntsville Market
At the start of everyday we have 2 wolves inside us that begin to battle – the good wolf which sees the positive in everything, everybody and truly cares and celebrates others’ successes – and the bad wolf who is negative and only sees the bad in situations, people, wanting to blame others for their failures…at the end of the day we determine which wolf wins this battle by our choice of which one we feed the most throughout the day..which one do you feed?

Montgomery Market
Let’s take this opportunity for a renewed focus on our operations with Ops 2.0 to reach every level in our organization to provide excellent guest service with quality food in a super clean restaurant. Let’s push Paradigm to the top.

Local Store Marketing

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7th Annual 5-Star Conference

Made possible through the generous support of these industry leaders
who value our success. Our most sincere thanks go to these contributors
for their commitment to excellence!

Dr Pepper/Snapple
Lewis Advertising
Net Informant
Voyant Solutions
Acrelec America
Wellbuilt, Inc
Holland Roofing
Rogue Architects
Florida Certified Sign Erectors
Alabama Claims Mgt
Asphalt Specialists
Southern Companies
Southern Shelby
Climate Control of Pcola
Feds Pest Control
Action Fire
BPS Broiler Parts
EMCO Consulting
Lite Energy Solutions
Protection One
PS Graphics
Seating Concepts Inc
Shoes for Crews
Southern Exhaust Cleaning
Marketing Works
Industrial Steam Clean
Jimmy Day Plumbing
Nathan Hughes Landscaping
Jordan Landscape
Bienenu Brothers Plumbing
Fire& Safety Commodities
Hoods Unlimited
Jim Ward
Code Access
Larry Downs
Larry Downs Jr. Plumbing
Riggons Tallow
Logland Marketing
Consumer Concepts
Flowers Bakery
Marketing Works
Goodwin Brothers
Fire& Safety Commodities

Flamin’ Sales & Smokin’ SWS 1st Quarter