Volume 4, Issue 2

November, 2017



  • 1) How many hot dogs can be cooked in the oven on a single pan?
  • 2) What is the holding time for a fully prepared and wrapped Double Cheeseburger in the heated transfer cabinet?
  • 3) True or False? Red onions are rinsed under cold water prior to slicing?

Paradigm Welcomes Michael Harris

Mike HarrisI started my Hardee’s career in 1980 as a cook in a franchise restaurant in Stevens Point, WI. Over the next several years I worked for a couple of different franchise groups and worked my way up to a GM position. In 1986 I left Hardee’s and went to work for Pizza Hut in a series of corporate stores. While with Pizza Hut, I was responsible for adding delivery service to existing restaurants as well as helping open the first free standing delivery units in NE Wisconsin.

In 1996 I returned to Hardee’s working for my local franchise group. In 1997 shortly after CKE purchased Hardee’s, my franchisee sold our 13 stores back to the corporation. At this time I was selected to join the corporate “All Star Team” and go to many different markets to roll the new menu and operating systems to corporate and franchise restaurants. Coincidently, two of the markets I spent several months in were Huntsville and Birmingham. After traveling extensively for two years, I returned to a unit in WI where I worked for a few years and were again sold back to a franchisee. In 2003 I rejoined the corporate ranks and was quickly offered a training position in the struggling Kansas City market. Over the next 4 years I trained over 100 management candidates to staff the restaurants.

In 2007 I took a position in Operations Development at the Hardee’s corporate offices in St. Louis. I was responsible for the breakfast daypart and was involved with new product and breakfast equipment testing and operating procedure updates. In 2011 I was selected to take the operational lead in rolling out the Hardee’s breakfast platform in the Carl’s Jr system. In 9 months we added equipment, trained management and staff, and rolled out biscuits to over 1000 restaurants. In 2012, after the biscuit project I was promoted to the VP of Operations in the San Diego market. Over the course of the next 4 years we staffed the units, cleaned up the facilities, and put in strong operating systems and grew the markets sales by 9% in a weak economy.

Upon the sale of the San Diego market to a franchisee, I once again joined the Operations Development team where I was responsible for Dual Brand concepts, new equipment testing, and our Special Events department which has 9 mobile diner units primarily stationed in the southern California market where they operate on a daily basis year round. After living in California for almost 7 years I had an opportunity to move closer to family and get back to my roots in the Hardee’s system and took the Franchise Business Consultant position based in Pensacola. Due to the recent leadership change at CKE, my new position was eliminated as part of the operations support restructuring. Luckily for me, I was offered a great position supporting this organization in a capacity in which I feel I can add significant value by drawing on the resources of my varied background and operational experience. I look forward to working with the operators in all Paradigm markets and once again being the best franchise group in the Hardee’s family. We have a lot of talented people, great locations, and a strong desire to be the best. As a team we will get there!

I currently live in Pensacola with my girlfriend of 5 years, Vicki, and our 3 yr. old grandson Anthony. In my spare time I am finding I truly enjoy hanging out at the beach along with my other passions of riding my Harley and cheering on the Green Bay Packers. I am looking forward to meeting and working with each and every team member at Paradigm!

Foreword from President Don Wollan

Our Hardee’s business is on fire. Fueled by aggressive promotions like the All Star Boxes and the 2 for $2.50 sausage egg biscuit, customers are telling us “give us more.”
This is a new era for Hardee’s and for Paradigm. Our new kitchen deployment system coupled with a renewed emphasis on food quality and drive-thru speed, opens a new chapter of opportunity for all our wonderful people.

Driven by leaders like Susan Quibodeaux, Veronica Coleman, Gwen Shoemaker, Jennifer Fogle, Edna Buckhanon, Sarah Janicki, and many more. Our training staff is ready to produce a new army of dedicated, throughly trained and motivated shift leaders.

Paradigm is primed and ready to invest in refurbishing our facilities, with the most modern, digitally enhanced restaurants the industry offers. We will become the restaurant of choice in every neighborhood we operate in. Hot fresh food, served with lightning speed, by the friendliest staff… is a winning combination. If you desire to seize a bright future, get on with it! I promise we will find and recognize your contribution.

Warm regards,

Training & Career Advancement

Congratulations to our new DM, Sabrina Segars!

3rd Quarter Promotions

Store # Store Name Name Market Position To:
1525 Pace Scott Hunter FLA GM
5792 Eufaula Ray Rivers FLA GM
1499 Hwy 29 Brittany Gallant FLA GM
5786 Panama City Beach Christina Rogers FLA GM
1414 Rainsville Allan Vazquez Huntsville GM
1387 Hartselle Shelina Bright Huntsville GM
1332 South Jefferson James Bishop Huntsville GM
5749 Green Cove Lindsey Cordova Huntsville HRM
1386 Arab Jessica Cheatwood Huntsville HRM
5803 Foley Laurie Dortch FAM HRM

The Director’s Corner

FAM Market
Keys to having a successful career in the restaurant industry: Be dedicated and work hard. Do more than what is expected of you. Be excellent, and you can rise up from hourly employee to manager and perhaps even a company executive. Also, as you move up the ladder, don’t forget to make a difference in business and in other employees’ lives. “Success has to be a way of life, not just a state of mind.”

Montgomery Market
The Montgomery market will be working hard in Q4 on improving our adherence to hold times standards. Producing the highest quality products is not only a sales builder, it’s also an obligation we have to our guests. I look forward to seeing our dramatic improvement!

FLA Market
Going back to the basics is the FLA Market Goal. We will focus on day to day operations in our restaurants. By doing this we will strengthen our foundation.

Huntsville Market
“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”

Facilities & Growth

Facilities: Improving and Growing
By Barbara Williamson, Director of Facilities

I am very excited about our new Facility Management software tool – Service Channel.  This is being rolled out for use by managers at all 95 stores in reporting items needing repair or maintenance. From roof leaks to parking lot pot holes to kitchen equipment. You can now

  Report and follow-up on the repair process.

  Know when a technician is coming to service your store.

  Voice if it was completed to your satisfaction.

  See how much it cost for that repair.

This tool will provide us with an accurate history of repair for individual items, knowing when an item is under warranty and avoiding duplicate service calls.

New Hardee's facilities drawing

Design and drawings are complete for the new Prattville Main Street store.  We are excited to start construction of the new facility early 2018.

Energy Management System  – By Voyant Solutions

What does EMS control?

  Lot lights, building signs and prime sign

  HVAC – Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning

  Flat Grill Exhaust Fan

If there is an issue with any of these items not performing like they should, please notify your DM or Director of Facilities, Barbara Williamson barbara@paradigminvest.com

Blaze Pizza

Grand Openings for Blaze Pizza:

College Station, TX opened September, 2017!

Blaze Pizza College Station Blaze Pizza College Station

 Stores Currently in Development

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Human Resources


It’s almost time for Paradigm’s open enrollment for insurance! We encourage all eligible employees to check there eligibility for Medicaid or Medicare and then compare coverage and pricing from the Insurance Exchange and Paradigm. As always, please plan to make the best decisions for your family regarding your health care costs.


It is 401K open enrollment time again. We care about your financial well-being in your “Golden Years”. All employees that work at least 1000 hours and have been with us for 12 months are eligible. We contribute 25% of the first 4% of your income to your retirement! Please contact HR should you have any questions.

Direct Deposit

Direct depositParadigm would like to ensure that its employees are taking full advantage of the convenience of direct deposit. There are several reasons why we think direct deposit is better than traditional, paper payroll. Compared to paper paychecks, direct deposit makes payday faster, safer, more convenient, more reliable, and because it doesn’t consume paper, it’s better for the environment. Plus, it is at no cost to you. From a business standpoint, it is more efficient and affordable.

We offer two options for direct deposit to our employees

Option 1: Personal Checking
This places your money directly into your checking account. (You will need your account and routing number or a copy of a check which will have that info on it)

Option 2: Paycard
Have your money placed onto a personal paycard. (You will need ask your manager for the “Paycard Packet.” This packet will contain all the information you need to enroll)

We hope you’ll consider making the switch to direct deposit. If you’re interested, complete the steps in UltiPro to enroll any time before the next payroll is submitted. If you have any further questions, please email hr@paradigminvest.com.

Local Store Marketing

7th Annual 5-Star Conference

Made possible through the generous support of these industry leaders
who value our success. Our most sincere thanks go to these contributors
for their commitment to excellence!

Dr Pepper/Snapple
Lewis Advertising
Net Informant
Voyant Solutions
Acrelec America
Wellbuilt, Inc
Holland Roofing
Rogue Architects
Florida Certified Sign Erectors
Alabama Claims Mgt
Asphalt Specialists
Southern Companies
Southern Shelby
Climate Control of Pcola
Feds Pest Control
Action Fire
BPS Broiler Parts
EMCO Consulting
Lite Energy Solutions
Protection One
PS Graphics
Seating Concepts Inc
Shoes for Crews
Southern Exhaust Cleaning
Marketing Works
Industrial Steam Clean
Jimmy Day Plumbing
Nathan Hughes Landscaping
Jordan Landscape
Bienenu Brothers Plumbing
Fire& Safety Commodities
Hoods Unlimited
Jim Ward
Code Access
Larry Downs
Larry Downs Jr. Plumbing
Riggons Tallow
Logland Marketing
Consumer Concepts
Flowers Bakery
Marketing Works
Goodwin Brothers
Fire& Safety Commodities

Flamin’ Sales & Smokin’ SWS 3rd Quarter